Artist in Residence Painting Completed!

After nearly a month of work I have finished the painting I created as an artist in residence for the Made in Network. The completed painting is 50in x 96in x 2.5in and weighs over 70lbs!

I began the piece with acrylic layers and added in oil layers later to create additional texture. The painting was inspired by the recent findings of BICEP2, recording evidence of the Big Bang and subsequent inflation formerly theorized by Albert Einstein.

The BICEP2 findings were published during the beginning of my residency with the Made In Network. The evidence of waves found in the cosmic microwave background was discussed and described in all of the press reports I was reading at the time and I couldn't help but imagine how this would look visually. The result is my painting for my artist in residency position with the Made In Network, appropriately entitled, CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background).

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.